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How to trade in your old phone for up to £320 when you get an iPhone 7

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Sep 9, 2016

If you’re one of the thousands who just has to have the latest iPhone as soon as it hits the stores, you might want to read on to get one at a knock-down price.

From today, the iPhone 7 can be ordered ready for its arrival in the UK on September 16.

If you already have an iPhone, it’s well worth trading it in with a phone recycling site, a network or Apple because an iPhone that works perfectly well can command good cash.

Damaged ones are still worth cash, but obviously, a lot less.

Recycle with a specialist site is easy and you can get a quote for your old phone based on its model and condition. If you like what you’re offered, you’ll be sent a packet to mail the phone to the company and once it’s been checked you get your money.

It’s important to be honest about its condition or you won’t get what they quote.

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So, what can you get for an old iPhone?

A lot depends on the model, condition and the phone’s spec.

The Sun found the best price for an Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB was through – £320.

A 128GB Apple iPhone 6 may bring in £280 through Fonebank, the paper found.

The older iPhone 5 with 16GB will only fetch £73.10.

Recycling sites will pay the most, according to research by The Sun.

But many of us just can’t buy a handset upfront when the price is around £600.

So, it’s worth looking at what kind of trade-in deal is being offered by your network, phone retailers and Apple itself.

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How much does the new iPhone 7 cost?

For the last two years the cheapest model of the latest iPhone has been £539 but the lowest iPhone 7 will start at £599 for 32GB model.

The rise in price is blamed on the dramatic fall in the value of sterling against the dollar since the Brexit vote.

The 128GB version of the iPhone 7 is £699 and the 256GB will cost an eye-watering £799.

The iPhone 7 Plus will be even more pricey. The cheapest 32GB iPhone 7 Plus will be £719, followed by a 128GB at £819 and then the most expensive, the 256GB model will cost  £919.

Well worth getting what you can for your old model then!

Have you used a specialist site to recycle your old phone? Tell us about your experience by leaving a review here.