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How to beat TalkTalk’s broadband price hike

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Oct 12, 2016

For a long time TalkTalk offered some pretty sound deals on broadband and home phones.

And they marketed them aggressively, vacuuming up a good part of the market.

But now their customers are facing big price rises, ones that could see them paying up to £33 a year more for broadband from next month.

The company is currently getting in touch with its customers to tell them of the big price jump.

Packages for broadband and early termination fees will take effect from November 4 and price rises for calls will hit from the start of December. 

The rises come following the huge hack attack late last year than saw thousands of customers’ details leaked, including some 15,000 sets of financial details.

TalkTalk has just scrapped line rental charges for broadband customers – the first provider to do this, however.

And those on its new fixed low-price plans will not see a price rise.

Customers on the Simply Broadband package, the Essentials TV or the Plus TV package, will pay an extra £2.75 a month (£1.25/ more for line rental and £1.50 more for broadband)/

The price rise is a reminder to get online and compare broadband prices to make sure you aren't being overcharged


What you can do to avoid the TalkTalk price rises

As with anything else in a free market, you don’t just have to swallow these rises.

You have a choice – object or walk away.

The best advice is to immediately start shopping for a better deal when you are informed of the rises.

Whatever package you are on, and whatever your early contract termination fee, you are entitled to leave your contract so long as you tell TalkTalk you’re leaving within 30 days of being told of the price rises by them.

If you leave it longer than 30 days, they are entitled to clobber you for an early termination fee – and they’re going up too.

After you’ve shopped around for a cheaper deal that also suits your needs, you have a couple of options.

You can simply switch, which is simple and straightforward.

Or you can approach TalkTalk, explain what is on offer and see if they want to persuade you to stay by making an attractive counter offer.

Be calm and polite.

If you don’t receive a good deal, say you will leave and be prepared to carry it through.

The chances are you will receive a call from the company’s retentions team – basically the last line of defence against losing a customer.

What these people offer you will really be the best they’ve got.

Then it’s up to you.

You may well be offered another type of package, such as TalkTalk’s fixed low-price plan, but be careful to check out what this will actually cost and compare it with other providers.

Point out what else is on the market and if they can’t match it in terms of price or in terms of what service they’re offering, leave.

Loyalty will gain you nothing.

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