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TalkTalk fixes prices until 2019 –are you getting a good broadband deal?

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jan 11, 2017

Earlier this year, TalkTalk extended its range of Fixed Low Price plans, allowing customers to cap broadband prices for 12, 18 or 24 months.

The company claims the new packages could save households £328 when compared to similar offers from BT, Sky and Virgin Media.

And if you see a better deal, you can swap to another TalkTalk package after 30 days.

With two in three British adults worried about money – double the figure in 2014 – TalkTalk claims its price cap can provide financial peace of mind.  

Managing Director Tristia Harrison said: “We're the only major provider to guarantee your broadband price won't increase mid-contract, and that our loyal customers will get exactly the same best-value deals as new customers."

Remember, if your provider hikes prices mid-contract without warning you first, you can cancel without paying an exit fee.

The four biggest broadband companies have collectively hiked prices 19 times over the last two years.  

300,000 customers signed up to TalkTalk’s Fixed Low Price Plans in the months after their launch in October 2016.


How does TalkTalk’s offer stack up for price?

At £22.95 a month, including line rental, TalkTalk’s 24-month Fast Broadband stacks up pretty well against its rivals.

But the 17Mb/s speed might put off heavy internet users and, if you regularly stream shows through Netflix and Amazon Prime, you might want to consider a faster package.

Sky’s Fibre Broadband deal is currently available on A Spokesman Said for just £20 for 18 months, down from £27.40 a month.

Usage is limited to 25GB, but with impressive speeds of 38Mb/s it’s well worth a punt.

EE, Plusnet, Virgin Media and BT also offer attractive deals; the only way to choose the right broadband provider is to crunch the numbers and switch using our comparison tool.

Before you do, here are three questions to consider:

1. Is it unlimited usage?

A large family might want to consider an unlimited broadband allowance. 10GB is advised for light users and 20GB should be enough for the average user.

2. What is the contract length and will there be a price hike?

Companies will often hike prices after the first six months (yes, that attractive offer was just to get you through the door). That’s why TalkTalk’s 24-month fix is fairly striking.

3. What is the speed?

Be cynical when it comes to advertised speeds.

It’s well known companies mislead customers over internet speeds through cunning advertising. Test your current speed and make sure you know what you’re buying.


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