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REVEALED: the Broadband providers with lowest customer satisfaction

Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey
Apr 20, 2017

TalkTalk has been branded the worst broadband provider in the country, after it received the lowest satisfaction score out of 12 companies surveyed by Which?

The survey, which polled 1,800 customers, gave TalkTalk a customer satisfaction score of just 38%.

Second to TalkTalk was BT, with a customer satisfaction rating of 45%.

The survey quizzed customers on whether they were happy with their provider and whether they would recommend it to others.

Customers were also asked to rate the reliability, speed, customer service and technical support of their provider.

Smaller broadband suppliers were found to receive the best customer scores, with lesser-known Zen Internet and Utility Warehouse both coming out tops, with scores above 80%.

John Lewis Broadband also did well, coming third in the rankings.


Broadband customer satisfaction rankings

Here’s the customer satisfaction scores in full:

*Zen Internet-  86%

*Utility Warehouse-  81%

*John Lewis Broadband-  68%

*SSE-  66%

*Plusnet-  65%

*Virgin Media-  52%

 *Vodafone-  50%

*Sky-  49%

*EE Broadband-  48%

*Post Office-  48%

*BT-  45%

*TalkTalk-  38%


Common broadband problems

A large number of customers reported experiencing technical problems with their broadband, regardless of the provider.

21% reported problems with slow internet speed, while 17% said they regularly experienced connection drops.

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When it came to technical support to alleviate these problems, the smaller providers once again came out on top.

Customers of both Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet reported the quality of technical support they received as either excellent or good.

In contrast, only 26% of TalkTalk customers described there support in such terms – nearly 20% said their technical support had been either poor or very poor.

20% of Vodafone customers and 16% of TalkTalk customers reported difficulty resolving their problems.

While Brit’s may be more comfortable with their broadband provided by industry big names, this research suggests that smaller providers may in fact be the better option.

Do the rankings reflect your experience of your broadband provider? Head to the comments section below to have your say. 

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