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Cheap ways to watch Game of Thrones Season 7

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jul 6, 2017

Game of Thrones roars back onto our screens on 17 July, with season 7 promising more big-budget battles, dragons and drama.

UK fans of the globally popular show will want to know the best – and cheapest – way to dive in to Westeros.

Game of Thrones may be the most illegally downloaded show of all time, but we’ll assume you want to avoid the shadier corners of the internet; all our watching options are above board.

In the UK, Sky Atlantic has exclusive rights to HBO content.

Hardcore fans will be able to watch Episode 1 on Sky Atlantic at 2am British Summer Time on the morning of the 17 July.

Sky will also show it at 9pm that evening.

The original Sky TV bundle, which includes Sky Atlantic, starts at £22 a month.

But are there cheaper ways to watch Jon Snow and the white walkers duke it out?

Well, if you’ve got a family member or friend who already pays for a Sky subscription, and hasn’t registered Sky Go on a device, you can register your phone, laptop, computer or tablet and stream Sky on it.

Sky customers can register up to two devices on one account.

You could even ask the subscriber if you could take up a device slot for the duration of season 7 only.

And it’s free, because you’re not the one paying the bills.

Sky+ and SkyQ subscribers can watch Game of Thrones live, record it or catch up on demand, if their set-top-box is connected to the internet.

But the best way to watch Game of Thrones may well be…(scroll down to find out). 


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£6.99 Now TV monthly pass

If you don’t want to sign up to Sky, consider a Now TV subscription.

A £6.99 Now TV Entertainment Pass lets you watch Sky Atlantic live alongside other Sky channels.

It also gives you access to on-demand services. Apart from a few dedicated adverts, Now TV’s catch-up is ad-free.

The advantage of Now TV over Sky Go, even if the Sky Go is free, is that it doesn’t need you to plug in your laptop with an HDMI cable.

You can watch Now TV through a dedicated Now TV Box.

Plus, you can get a free Now TV trial for 14 days, so the first two episodes would be free.

Apps are available for iOS, Android, PS3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, YouView and certain LG TVs.

If you’ve got a top tip on how to watch Game of Thrones on the cheap, head to the comments section below.

Now let’s watch the trailer and get excited…


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