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Success! BT broadband problems solved after A Spokesman Said helps out

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Dec 12, 2017

Adrian Hickey had gone almost two months without a proper internet connection – until A Spokesman Said stepped in.

Adrian, from Herefordshire, said his BT broadband connection had been slow - getting half the speeds he was supposed to – and sometimes having his internet cut out completely.


Broadband silhouette

He first began having problems with the speed on his line in October.

He phoned BT and used their online chat to ask them to sort it out, but got nowhere.

So, he came to A Spokesman Said and asked for help – scroll down to see how we sorted the problem for him.

"I started working from home so the broadband became quite important."

Adrian contacted BT, which did line checks and found a fault.

An engineer was sent out to test the line and found a problem with the wiring.

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BT said it would call him to arrange for the problem to be fixed – but no one did.

"Nobody got in touch, so I called again, they said they would call back – but no one called back."

Adrian went back to BT yet again and asked them what was happening.

He was told the problem would be sorted on November 21 - but yet again, BT failed to make the fix.

It was poor form from BT after Adrian had been a customer with them for three years.


A Spokesman Said to the rescue

With nowhere left to turn, Adrian came to A Spokesman Said for help.

We got in touch with BT and told them to sort it out.

Once they heard from us, they got their act together.

A delighted Adrian told us: "Thanks for your help with this - the change in response was quite striking after I contacted your website!"

"They were in touch very quickly and had an engineer here within two days!

"The engineer replaced the wiring and installed a new socket, so we should no longer have any problems.

"Their UK support team was in contact before and after and we have advised them that the issue has been dealt with.

"Although we will monitor the broadband over the next week or so to see if it is better - so far it seems to be."


BT apologises

A BT spokesperson said they apologised for the delay in dealing with Adrian's connection problems.

"The issue was the wiring set up which affected the speed of the connection.

"The extension sockets that were causing the disruption have now been disconnected and a master socket has been updated to a new version and the issue has been resolved.”