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Don't learn the hard way like me – there’s only one way to get the best broadband deal

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Feb 21, 2018

Here’s the thing – like millions of others, I rely on WiFi. It’s part of pretty much every minute of every day.

That’s why, once it’s working smoothly, I’ve never been tempted to mess around with it and do anything crazy like switching to another broadband provider. 

So, for nine years I stayed with BT. 

Every time a contract ended, we’d do a little dance BT and me, around a deal, like Brexit in miniature.

Better offer

I’d threaten to walk away. They’d offer me something more for my money, or they’d construct a ‘special deal’.

It worked well, I thought.


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I knew it costs companies like BT a heck of a lot to gain every new customer. They understood there were good broadband deals elsewhere. We played our cards like a couple of fixed-eyed gamblers.

And, in the end, we both walked away happy. 

Until this year.

Rising prices

My broadband and phone package rose to over £50 a month. The contract ended and BT had an offer for new customers of broadband for £24.99.

Throw in the landline, and a few other add-ons, and it would have worked out about £20 a- month cheaper for me ­– that’s a £240 saving over 12 months.

But this year, BT point blank said ‘no’, I couldn't have the better deal – it was only for new customers. All they could offer was the same old package I was on, but at an increased cost! 

I threatened to walk. And then I waited for the call offering a compromise.

It didn’t come.

Walking away

I was astounded. I simply couldn't believe they’d let a customer like me, who ends up paying nearly £100 a month (when you include all the extra charges we always seem to incur), just leave without a word.

But they did.

So, I had no choice but to risk a switch.

And I scooped up a great deal that happened to be with Vodafone. It could have been with anyone frankly. 

The fact was, I didn't trust any broadband provider to switch my service seamlessly on the prearranged day.

I was fully ready for lengthy phone calls and endless option selections while I waited to speak to a human being about why I had no broadband.

(The last time I had no internet service, a BT ‘customer service executive’ actually told me to go online and adjust the channel my WiFi router was using! Yea, right!)

No risk 

With Vodafone, I made totally certain as well that I could cancel for up to 14 days after the service began – I wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to be locked into a contract with poor broadband. They said, no problem.

I needn’t have worried about anything.

Here's what I learnt in a nutshell.

My monthly cost went from over £50 with BT, to under £30 with Vodafone. The service is much faster with Vodafone.

Their new router was delivered on the exact day it was due to come. It was so simple to set up, Henry our Border Collie could have done it.

And on the day in question, our broadband went live, seamlessly!

Amazing! All those worries and stresses were totally unnecessary.

After this experience, I won’t hesitate to switch again when the contract ends.


Because it’s dead easy.  AND it’s crystal clear that BT – and all of the big providers, for that matter – don’t give a rats about offering existing customers the best deals.

Crazy business model

They only want to poach new ones as fast as possible to gobble up market share. That’s their business model.

And it not only stinks, it’s stupid!

Great companies build great brands that resonate with customers and keep bringing them back.

I used to think haggling was a solution to all this, but I was wrong.

In fact, I must have wasted many hundreds of pounds over the years.

The truth is, I was taken for a ride, even while I imagined I was out-negotiating a giant operator like BT.

So, here’s my free advice – don't waste your time (and money) by making the same mistake.

Get online and switch to get a great broadband deal. It’s the only way!


A Spokesman Said offers price comparison in energy, insurance and broadband that could save you hundreds.

Compare & Save
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