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Sky packages for tv, broadband, sport and phones to rise by £30 a year – here's what you can do about it

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Feb 22, 2018

Sky has announced what it claims is its first major price hike in two years from April this year, with customers facing increased costs of up to £30 a year.

Some TV bundles will go up by £1.50 a month, and viewing football will cost an extra 50p a month.

Selected broadband packages will rise by £1.01 a month.

The total increased cost, depending on what customers subscribe to, will be up to £30.

The move comes a month after Sky overhauled TV packages for 12 million subscribers. It replaced its Original bundle with Sky Entertainment, which now gives customers an extra 80 channels for no extra charge.

A Sky spokesperson said: “Not all customers will see their bills increase with many Sky products remaining at their current price and, for some products, this will be the first increase in two years.

Rising by up to £30 a year

“We continue to invest in content, products and services that our customers love, offering both new and existing customers great value and more choice through flexible packages.” 

What can you do about it?

It doesn’t matter if you're in mid contract, Ofcom rules are clear that you can end your deal with any provider if they raise prices in the middle of a contract above inflation and without warning.

You can try haggling over the price rise and see if you can get a special deal, or you can switch to another provider.

Sky says most people affected will be out of contract anyway, so they can leave at any time.

If you decide to leave, and you’re in contract, you’ll have to contact Sky’s customer relations within 30 days of being told of the rise.

Read more about your rights here.


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