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"Talk Talk haven't fixed my internet for 21 days - and offered me £18 compensation"

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
May 22, 2018

Talk Talk has left a husband and wife without broadband or a landline for three weeks – including two missed appointments – and has offered a paltry £18 for the inconvenience.

Simon Allen and his wife Elizabeth, from Netherton, outside Birmingham, returned from holiday on May 2, to find their phone and broadband was not working.


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Simon rang up Talk Talk to try get the issue sorted.

“They told me the fault was not in my home and would be repaired within 24 -72 hours. This didn't happen.”

He phoned again, this time to be told the fault was in his home and an engineer was arranged to visit.

“It was a no show. Phoned again, booked an engineer for Wednesday just gone, another no show. I am at a loss what to do.

“They just keep promising things, but nothing is getting done.”

Simon said he had almost lost count of the number of phone calls and live chats they'd had.

"I've put messages on Facebook, I've spoken to at least four different people on live chat, I've made six or seven phone calls."

He spent an hour on the phone on Saturday. Another appointment is booked for tomorrow, May 23.

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£18 in compensation

Talk Talk offered Simon £18 compensation for the disruption – but this was based on the value of his broadband package.

This did not include anything for the missed appointments or the delays.

What’s even more outrageous is that Simon should be eligible for £218 in compensation.

Ofcom is introducing new compensation rules in March next year – under those rules Simon would get £218 for being mucked around.

But because those rules are not in force yet, he only gets £18.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “Waiting too long for service problems to be fixed is frustrating enough, without having to fight for fair compensation.

"That’s why we’re introducing a new scheme where providers will have to pay money back to customers automatically when things go wrong, without them having to ask for it."

A Spokesman Said has asked Talk Talk to comment on Simon’s case.


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Wasting his time

Simon is a reasonable man - he wasn’t upset that engineers couldn’t make it if they were busy – but was upset that there was no communication.

"I'd rather be told the truth, if you're short of engineers and you're not going to make it, just tell me.

"But to be told you're going to come, and then not even come – that's annoying.

"I can't just drop everything and leave work – I need to know you're going to turn up when you say you're going to turn up."

He received no notification that the engineer wasn't going to show and was simply made to wait.

"They just didn't bother turning up.”


Get properly compensated

If you are unhappy with the level compensation offered, you should raise a formal complaint with your provider.

If they don't listen you can make a complaint about them on A Spokesman Said.

Talk Talk is signed up and responds to complaints via our website.

You can also raise your complaint on a dispute resolution scheme, like the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

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