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Why it PAYS to challenge your TV provider on price

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Aug 23, 2018

A spokesman said customer Kurt Edwards found out it pays to call your provider, if you’re not happy with your TV and broadband costs.

When his Virgin Media contract was coming up for renewal, Mr Edwards’ monthly bill was £116 a month - including 200 Mb broadband, landline and a TV bundle including live sport.


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Rather than just renewing his old deal, Mr Edwards contacted Sky to see what they could offer. He was able to take advantage of a new customer deal – offering a similar package with Sky’s fastest broadband for just £82, on a 18 month contract.

However, Mr Edwards wasn’t content with just that discount, so he returned to his provider Virgin Media – who offered to reduce his current bill to £92. A £24 a month saving in just two phone calls.

A Spokesman Said customers don’t give up lightly though! Mr Edwards called Sky again asking for an even better offer – and unbelievably was offered the package for just £66 a month – saving him £50 on his existing deal.

Mr Edwards said; “People don't normally think to compare TV services, but it should be seen as a normal household bill, and if you don't try the market to get the best price then that's just being lazy.”

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