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Kathleen's complaint against Thomas Cook

Kathleen Carter


A check in that lasts for 7 hours

Complaint against Thomas Cook

Booking reference: edf7je Gatwick/Dalaman On both outbound and inbound flights on Sat 9th and Sat 16th respectively myself and companion both experiencing a 5 hour flight delay in both directions. This was in effect 7 hours each way because as passengers we're encouraged to check in at least 2 hour prior to departure, so a total of 14 hours spend in airports rather than on holiday. That's quite a considerable delay which warrants compensation. Not only did I miss out on scheduled activities on arrival to my holiday destination in Turkey on the Saturday (for which I had paid £700 for) since I arrived closer to midnight at Dalaman rather than at 18:10, I also missed out on getting a Gatwick Express train on arrival back to London paying £80 in a licensed taxi back to my home, leaving me no time to prepare for work the following week since I arrived home at 4:15am ultimately when I should have arrived in good time on a flight bound for Gatwick at the far more reasonable time of 21:30. For reference, on return flight, because I was mindful that I didn't want to suffer another long delay I checked TC's site powered by flight stats prior to leaving the holiday camp and it did not give me any indication that I should appear later at the airport hence once I checked in 2 hours early I was essentially trapped with my flight shifted from departing at 19.10 to 00.10! In addition to losing the faith in TC's ability as an airline to meet a schedule I should also point out that on the way here in spite of having prebooked a meal in October your air crew suggested I wasn't accounted for on the outbound flights and made me reproduce my ticket to prove this, which meant I was served last as though I was in the wrong, which after a 5 hour delay and prebooking my tickets and meal in October was extremely poor service. Overall attention to meeting your schedules, training your staff and attention to technical changeovers over producing a free burger voucher (only available on one food outlet at Dalaman) would provide a brand experience worthy of sitting within the 'airline' sector. I would like to request reimbursement to resolve the inconvenience and hassle as well as the bad experience. Since there were entire families with overtired crying babies on the way home I can't imagine I am the only person complaining about this experience.

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