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Vicky's complaint against Thomas Cook

Vicky McIntyre


Holiday to Cuba

Complaint against Thomas Cook

We were flying to a certain part of Cuba that was maybe going to be hit by the hurricane, so they said to us we will send you to a different part which is be 5 star accommodation, it's actually nicer than sol Rio apparently. When we got there we had to wait hours for our room key.. With out 3 year old and 3 month old baby who had bad reflux so she was screaming because she needed her medicine. We got to our room and there was an ants best in there so my son would scared (we have a video of this) the plug sockets were hanging out the walls, and there was mosquitos covering the walls - my partner is ex arms so had took mosquito nets anyway and had to attach them to the ceiling to keep us being bitten all over. All 4 of us had to sleep under this net on the single bed to protect ourselves. The food court was terrible but they weren't expecting us to be there so I wouldn't say that was their fault as such.. We were promised we would be flown to holguin as we have small children and there was 23 of us as we were there for a wedding but the day before we were going to leave (we were there 3 days) they said we couldn't get on a plane but we were to be at reception for 9am and be on the first bus - they told us it would take 5 hours to get there which we weren't happy about but we wants out of that hell hole. We got there at 9 as we were told and the buses didn't come untill 11, we were on the 13th bus and didn't leave untill just after 12!! As you can imagine very stressful with 2 small kids and our baggage. We stopped once and expected to be nearly there to then be told it would be 6 more hours!! So in all the bus journey was 10 hours. When we got on the bus all they gave us was a bottle of water a roll and a banana ! That wouldn't do anyone for 10 hours and I am breast feeding so for the last 3 hours of the journey my baby was starving aswell due to nothing in my system. I sat at the back of he bus and cried I just wanted to be home. The next day we were in such a mood and had to then unpack finally. Everything needed ironed including my bridesmaid dress which was a pain. So that was 4 days of the holiday which cost £3000 !

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