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Jon's complaint against Thomas Cook

Jon Reay


Horrendous holiday experience/abysmal aftercare. Simply did not get what we paid for.

Complaint against Thomas Cook

Quite simply - we did NOT get the holiday we booked & paid for. We decided to go with Thomas Cook as it was our first holiday for 5 years first time abroad as a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 boys 7/4) We saved up a significant amount of money to make it the best possible holiday we could have, spent hours sitting in the travel agents/scouring the Internet for suitable destinations/resorts. In the end we booked (a year in advance) with TC (via our local Travel agents) to stay 'all inclusive' in the 4 STAR RATING KIPRIOTIS VILLAGE resort for 1 week in June (Greek island KOS)... Crucially, one of the major factors influencing our decision to chose this particular resort was the fact we could stay in a 'Maisonette' style apartment. As per the pictures (both in brochures & online) this was ideal for us & did indeed sway our decision. Pictures show a nice big, spacious, modern double room/living space with an additional separate upstairs mezzanine section providing what we thought would be ideal for our 2 boys. On top of that we were told it would have a nice spacious balcony with pool view...... After a long journey, check-in was swift & we were given a keycard & directions to a room. What we found was a nasty shock! We opened the door to a dark, dated, double room with 2 single beds stacked up in the corner. Balcony was tiny (only 3 chairs+small table) bathroom looked shabby with fixings loose. Clearly thinking this had to be a mistake I approached the reception desk & expressed my concerns that we had been given the wrong room. As if expecting me the staff immediately said a manager was on the way. The manger arrived & quickly stressed that she was hoping to see us on arrival as there was an issue regarding our stay... She went on to state that they were OVERBOOKED & could not provide us with the room we'd booked. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I questioned how on earth that was possible & re-iterated that we had booked this holiday over a year ago!!! Disastrous start to our stay. She was adamant that there were NO rooms of the type we should have but could offer us some things to compensate: 📍Fruit basket (pointless as we were AIl inclusive anyway) 📍Free Beach beds (again worthless as didn't cost that much per bed & planned on using the pool beds for the majority as were totally free) 📍Access to local water-park (again, our boys are too young + there were perfectly good age appropriate water-slides on the site) 📍Access to 'loft bar' which was allegedly down the road & adults only (what on earth were we supposed to do with our boys!!!????) At this point my wife was tired upset & our boys could see us getting frustrated & angry. We didn't accept any of these measly offers & at this point we made contact with Thomas Cook who said no one could look into it until midday the following day. 🔻ARRIVAL DAY 1 ruined: Suffice to say we didn't unpack (in the hope of TC correcting everything) & that first day was a right off, spending time with the manager & trying to report concerns to TC via email/twitter/FB - anyway possible. 🔻DAY 2 ruined: We had to plan our 1st full day around our reps visit -sitting through the info on trips we had no intention of going on then queueing at the end to ensure we could get the whole 'room saga' rectified. The TC Rep accompanied me to the room & agreed it was "no good & far too small for our family & definitely not 4 star standard". She agreed it was terrible & couldn't believe why we'd been given such a room considering what our booking paperwork said. She requested to speak to a manager who continued to give her the same spiel I got, about being overbooked & that there was nothing they could do.... Even mentioning taking bookings on the back of the TUNISIA shooting-incident. AT THIS POINT I WAS MOST ANGRY AS THIS IN NO WAY SHOULD HAVE HAD ANY BEARING ON OUR STAY AS WE'D BOOKED A YEAR IN ADVANCE. I felt we were getting shunted out the way to make room for people staying longer than us.... *TC rep advised she could 'look into moving hotels completely' or alternatively we would have to meet her again the next day to fill out official complaints forms. *We did not want to have to move hotels as apart from the room situation, everything else was nice as we expected. 🔻Day 3 ruined: so yet another day wasted by having to wait around for when the rep turns up with the complaints forms. Forms were filled in by my wife & by this point we had been resigned to that fact that the hotel nor TC were going to be able to rectify the problem & so we reluctantly unpacked our suitcases. First 3 days WASTED not knowing if we'd be staying in the wrong room all cramped together 4 beds in a row... Or.... Moving to what we should have been allocated. Faffing about speaking to various mangers/reps trying to get what we PAID FOR. It's worth pointing out that the resort itself was as we expected. Food was enjoyable, pools & entertainment - absolutely fine which makes it all the more disappointing with the room saga. With our youngest boy only 4 he was still having a knapp sometimes which was why we paid for a bit more space & luxury (4*) allowing one of us parents to reside in during the day time out of the heat, to me... The room IS the holiday. You cannot guarantee the weather but what you should do is get the room you select & pay for. On return my wife wrote an email to TC with all details & photographs. Despite saying they'd look into & respond within 28 days she had to send a further email after 30+ days... It was at that point I decided to send a tweet saying how disappointed I was with them & funnily enough after sending a DM with the case number on - somebody rang my house phone half hour later. The TC agent said she wasn't ringing on the back of my tweet it sheer coincidence....?!?! Really?! Funny that. Anyhow she stated she looked into the case & would offer the difference in room price as a voucher - £100!! I questioned how she even came up with this & if she'd even looked at our pictures....?!! Worth pointing out TC WEBSITE DIDNT EVEN OFFER THE ROOM WE GOT AT THE TIME OF BOOKING! Difference of a £100 for a family of 4 - absolute joke??!!!? I refused & insisted I would be taking it further. TC then called back to amend their offer from voucher to cash. Again- NOT GOOD ENOUGH. She argued that we did get the holiday we paid for just not the room. I say We DID NOT get the holiday we paid for - Not only that but we spent the first part of our holiday trying to sort the whole mess out & since returning have had poor relations with TC...

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