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Dracsineanu's complaint against Thomas Cook

Dracsineanu Mihai


horrible holiday.

Complaint against Thomas Cook

To whom it may concern , Thomas Cook "forgot" to mention me some big and important informations about my travelling.They had sended me to my destination Holiday(Turkey) thou my passport is about to expire in two months. They have told me that there was no issue with that,and that I can use my identification ID, which was not true. But that wasn't the main issue. What disturbed me the most is that after four hours of flying I got at the Turkey airport to find out that I can't pass. And what surprised me the most was that they wanted to separate me from my husband and daughter and my nanny.When I have said to them that we want to come back all together, they've told me that i have to pay for their tickets. Before leaving in my holiday my husband made sure that we can flight and that all our documentations are valid.He made sure by speaking with three different people from the company and from the airport; and he also double checked the web page of the company. And what we realized was that they forgot to mention an very important detail, which is "the passport has to be valid for at least 5 months". If i would had knew about this i would have changed my destination. In Gatwick airport, before the departure,we made the check-in, i found out that i can't use my passport to flight to Turkey but they told me that i can use my identification id, information which they had checked online on their computer. What surprised my a little bit was what they said to me, which is"use your identification id and don't show the passport". We departure from Gatwick and after four hours of flight we arrived to our destination. Where the main trouble happened. As a mother i have to say i was mostly concerned about my daughter who's 6 and half and she doesn't really realised what happened.For her this experience was a shock. In her eyes she just saw some people trying to separate her from her mom and she start to cry and scream to not leave her there. Obviously i start crying to seeing her like that.And another thing was that my nanny who's cardiac almost made an heart attack. After a lot of talking and disagreement we managed to return back home without paying the other three tickets. But in the plane we had more bad experience: first the other passengers started to applauded because they had waited for us a long time and made us feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Then the food we tried to order they didn't have, and the only thing they had was some pasta pomodoro which was quite spicy if not really spicy which my kid couldn't eat.The only thing my kid had eaten was the skimmed milk that was offered for the coffees which i asked to be put in glass and some biscuits snack. When we finally arrived back to Gatwick we went straight to Thomas Cook where we couldn't find the main person to discus about what just happened.But the assistant that was working send us to the airport supervisor who wasn't in charged of the situation. Thou she give us some phone numbers and some address to call and write to. I am very disappointed with the company and i don't know what happened this time, because i have had used their facilities before and i was very pleased with my holiday. But that doesn't mean i should close my eyes and say nothing. I don't ask for more, apart from my holiday and expenses refund or to give me another holiday, which i was expecting to happen when we came back so i won't lose my holiday from work. Booking reference: 12602144 ATOL No:1179 Fly nr. : TCX1522 Kind regards, An unhappy customer

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