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Complaint against Tui

Me and my girlfriend booked a holiday with Thomson nearly two years ago we made a complaint because we went all inclusive to magaluf to BH Mallorca and the bar shut at 7 o'clock at night the food was chicken nuggets chips and pizza everyday and we don't like pizza or chicken nuggets we have to do it out every day and if we want to drink we have to do by yourself there was people banging on doors shouting and screaming all night so we complained to Thompson two days after we got back and they said they would send us a holiday voucher out but we didn't receive anything so we went into the shop and told someone so they called them up and they said they sent the voucher out but they didn't so they said they'd send another one out but it never came so we went into the shop about 18 times to complain the Manager even phoned the company up and they couldn't do anything about it too cost us a lot of money we have to lend £2,000 off my girlfriend's mum so we could stay on holiday and heat and drink and it's supposed to be an all inclusive holiday the Thomson said they was going to send as a voucher off £50 it cost us more than that to keep going to the shop to complain and phone calls one year later me and my girlfriend booked another holiday with Thomson we have long long just got back the other day we spoke to her had we went self-catering this time we were supposed to have a double bed sea view balcony kitchen and bits and bobs we got there we have to to sleep on settee bed next to the double sliding doors for two week there wasn't a bedroom in a room and the cleaners coming early every morning so we went out well they clean the room we come back and discovered the cleaner had through my girlfriend's hand Nailer away the she doesn't have that an ala she could die so we went and complained downstairs and they couldn't do note about it so we have to do go and find a chemist and it cost us €47 to get one because it's the steroid one so with Thomson we are not happy at all we are sick of going in and complaining we have not received anything not one penny could somebody help us please

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