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Simon's complaint against Tui

Simon Newbold


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Complaint against Tui

Be very cautious when purchasing additional items when travelling with Tui. On a no show of the ordered item, they will be very apologetic on board. Saying something like, I’m so sorry your bottle of Champagne isn’t available, it hasn’t been put on board. We can’t provide something that we don’t usually stock, or run out off. The flight attendant at some point, returns with a Tui tablet, then proceeds to state that he’s filling in the necessary refund details for you. Situation is then deflated, although the champagne is not coming anytime soon, you are satisfied that at least your money will be refunded - WRONG! You will never receive that refund regardless of informing them that your refund hasn’t arrived. The flight attendant is actually doing, is inputting on that tablet that you have been suitably compensated on board. Make sure you read exactly what they have written, do not trust them.

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