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Jo's complaint against Tui

Jo Brown


Failing to fulfill a booking that has been paid in full

Complaint against Tui

Hi Kelvin, can you help me with an issue that I have please as I am not sure of my rights but seem to be being dismissed rather too easily by Thomson Holidays. Essentially, the background is that in August 2015 I started planning a holiday for my husbands 50th birthday which is on 29th October this year. I had to do this as I knew we would need to go long haul given the time of year and I also wanted my son and finance to be able to come. Obviously, being all tax payers and my son’s finance also being in the second year of her nursing degree i had to co-ordinate dates very carefully however, I did manage to find dates that would work for us all. I therefore went ahead and booked a holiday in August 2015 for November 30th 2016and paid my deposit etc. Since the booking I have obviously also now paid the full balance on 2nd September and as this was a for a special occasion I also upgraded us on the flights, booked our seats and also upgraded the rooms to an allure junior suite. The total cost of the holiday is £6628 so not cheap and I have worked and saved very hard to be able to afford it as my husband has got to have his hip replaced upon return. One he recovers from his first Op he will then have to undertake the same operation on the other hip and therefore, I’m not sure of when we will be able to next go abroad so this is even more important that I made this a ‘special’ one. (I’ve also had the cost of the additional insurance premium for my husband of £140 as he is waiting for his hip operation). Today though, literally a couple of months (about 8.5 weeks) before we travel we have been contacted by Thomson who have stated that they cannot fulfil our booking stating that the hotel has a private booking between 1st - 4th December. They have given us the following options but I am really not happy and I wonder if you can advise me of what I can do please. 1: They have selected another hotel called Secrets Royal Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic claiming the I can have a Junior Suite for the whole holiday. (It’s actually a cheaper hotel but no partial refund or extras have been offered). 2. I can go to the Secrets Royal Beach between 30th Nov - 4th December and then transfer to the hotel that I had originally booked, Breathless in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They have stated that I can then upgrade at the breathless to an Exhale type Junior Suite which basically has a partial sea view. The suite is exactly the same as what I have booked and paid for 3. I can have a full refund I did ask why this had happened so late in the day given that I originally booked it over a year ago and I was chased for the balance payment which had to be paid by 7th September (I actually paid in full on 2nd September) surely someone, somewhere knew this information about the hotel in the Dominican??? I know that Thomson wouldn’t have officially booked it way back when I booked the holiday but surely they would have and should have known way before now??? No one seems to know and cannot give me any information out answers. The thing that I was most taken aback by was when I told Thomson that I though the least they could do was to upgrade me and my family to the full Exhale package rather than just an Exhale type room they said that they wouldn’t. When I questioned how I was going to be compensated for all of this inconvenience stating that none of the issues were my fault, Thomson reply was that it isn’t their fault either. You could have knocked me off my chair. I booked with Thomson, and paid all of my monies to Thomson in good faith and they accepted that booking and provided confirmation of what I have booked. Who’s fault is it if it isn’t Thomsons fault? I then went on to ask how long I would have to tell them what I wanted to to and how I wanted to proceed. The Thomson answer was, “well as soon as possible and you will need to call us back tomorrow”. So they call me, turn everything upside down, do not offer any form of suitable compensation apart from a cheaper hotel and a lousy partial sea view but then they also pressure me into almost immediate action. Can they do this to people? What do I do, I obviously want the holiday but feel that I am being bullied? Thomson have all of the power as they have all of my money, the booking and flight with the upgrade - I have searched the internet and holiday companies since I found out and can’t find an appropriate alternative at this notice other than hotels or destinations that are more expensive? Please, please help me. Is there anything that you or I can do on this one. Any help most gratefully appreciated. Kindest Regards Jo Brown

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