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Ashley's complaint against Tui

Ashley coster


[RESOLVED] - Holiday from hell

Complaint against Tui

PLEASE SHARE.... GRAPHIC PHOTOS AS WARNED DONT VIEW IF YOUR AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY..... Thomson/ First Choice think this is perfectly acceptable to send English people to a country where English/non believers are made to feel very uncomfortable/ not welcome... My friend got serious stomach problems and flew home on day 6/14 via easy jet because Thomson's said they would not fly him home... The emergency number was advertised in the hotel for Thomsons was in Arabic! After my friends left, The joining room was re-sold which made my pregnant wife feel very uncomfortable.... As was easy to access our room. There was a religious holiday (celebration) lambs where sacrificed (it's a Muslim country so fair play) but entrainment staff waking around absolutely covered in blood around the pool area.... The pictures seen are not a religious way to act .... (That was staff) food had hairs in,rooms dirty... Never no plates!!!! hotel became very busy!!! 45 minute queues for food and further time for table, that was even when you could get food. The staff when the locals came for 4days treated us like we was a nuisance, was served after the locals, all drinks in plastic cups where they got glasses, my wife was told she couldn't sit at a table and was shoved in the corner even tho no one was sat there. After seeing the photos of the staff in the hotel kitchen she wouldn't eat anything she couldn't see being cooked, so basically, had cereal, omelettes, pasta, chips and bread rolls, and nearly fainted. I did before getting these photos take a bit out of this lamb which was raw... My wife is 27 weeks pregnant and this was going to be our last couples holiday before we had our baby. We specifically went this time of year to avoid busy periods and lots of children. We had no warning it was going to be this busy not even at our welcome meeting. These may all seem like small things but add them all up we are very disappointed. We feel this needs to be shared as we feel our duty of care was neglected. The security was Jacked up which made you feel on edge like they knew something everything was in French or arabic the hotel was as useful as a chocolate teaspoon.... Me and Kayleigh Coster never relaxed on this holiday.... Im sorry if this upset anyone but we are not being listened to and Thomson think it fair.... •Hotel ~ Aqua mirage Morocco

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Tui resolved this complaint

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Ashley coster | | VERIFIED

After posting on here I received a call from the directors at Thompsons who are Gonna pay 40% of my holiday and promised to make changes thanks a spokesman said
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