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Nyree's complaint against Tui

Nyree Goad


Nyree Goad

Complaint against Tui

I attempted to book a holiday on line, put my card details in for the £400 deposit and there was a problem. It told me not to book again. So I when into the shop in Burnley the day after and booked it face to face, checking that my online booking wasn’t going through. They confirmed that I had no booked the holiday online. The rep proceeded to book the holiday, the computer glitches out as it had with me online. However, she rang through to confirm the holiday had indeed been booked and proceeded to enter all the details manually. I paid £411 deposit and left with my printed out signed confirmation of booking. On the mbday, I received a courtesy call from Thomson about my attempted online booking, saying it had failed. I then rang the burnley shop to confirm everything was booked correctly as I had had a call and had still received no email, they confirmed it was all there on the system. A few days went by and my £411 was taken from my bank. I then received a call yesterday to inform me the holiday had not actually been booked and it was now more expensive, Thomson would cover the extra cost but I had to pay a bigger deposit...another £150. I wasn’t due to pay more money till December, and informed them I didn’t have the £150 till then to just pay out of my account. This could not be resolved. I will be going to get my deposit back and booking with someone else. It’s was their problem yet I’m expected to find £150 earlier than planned just to sort it out! Unacceptable.

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