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valerie's complaint against Tui

valerie king


Thomson (Tui) Lakes & Mountains-Disgusting Treatment!

Complaint against Tui

Published 2 seconds ago Booked 11 nights Hotel Piccolo Mundo in … Booked 11 nights Hotel Piccolo Mundo in Torbole, Lake Garda, through Thomson Lakes & Mountains (now TUI), when we got there we asked how to turn down the Air Con, were told it cannot be controlled from the actual room so was useless, Thomson ad on Website stated 3 mins walk from the lake(total lies) they have now admitted this was wrong and have changed the times on the ad, they have also removed the Air Con part of the ad, they admitted that both of these facts were wrong but did nothing to help us. After the first night we asked the rep is we would move Hotel, they came to see us and said they had made an arrangement for a 50% cancellation fee, and said they would try to move us,they said we had 680 euros towards another Hotel, however, they did not, they told us the choices were to stay put or go home, we chose to go home as it was impossible to stay in the Hotel after they had spoken to the Management about us, and it was too far for us to walk to get anywhere (we are both disabled and booked from the Thomson ad on line). We went with Thomson flying from Southampton as we live in Bournemouth, the reps could not find us a flight back to Southampton so we have to go via Gatwick and pay for our fares too, so we lost our Holiday which cost us £2,000 and had to pay our own fares back too and a tax £130 from Gatwick to home. Thomson denied any responsibility and said we were not due compensation, what happened to the 680 Euros which they said we would get back from the cancellation??? We we not able to eat at the Hotel after the reps had spoken to the Management, the Staff were giving us dirty looks and were unpleasant to us, so we had to eat out, we were left with no alternative but to leave, Thomsons left us in this position but still deny any responsibility. The Customers Services Department, will not listen, or take into account any of the issues, initially I spoke to a woman on the phone, who was so unhelpful and unsympathetic and uninterested in anything we had to say, she was determined that she would no help us and she was going to have her way, not really suitable for the job she does! spoke later to her Boss who just seemed to do what the woman wanted, so was a waste of time. By the way Hotel Piccolo Mundo in Torbole, is a shabby establishment, We love Lake Garda and know it well, but I will never Travel there again through Thomsons or TUI and they now call themselves. TUI Lakes & Mountains have the worst Customers Services dept imaginable!!!! Edit Go to Keep 'em coming... Review more companies

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