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Andy's complaint against Alpharooms

Andy Mac


Astonished isnt the word

Complaint against Alpharooms

Booked hotel for 5 people in Benidorm in October. Have paid £105 so far out of a total balance of £545. The rest is due 20 Sep. In the mean time we have decided we want to chnage location to a hotel which they deal with but have no availability. When I called to cancel on Friday 31 Aug I was informed I would have to pay 50% of the balnce plus £30 per person for hotel we wouldnt even stay in. After cooling down I rang back on Saturday 1st Sep and was then told they wanted the full balance PLUS........ £30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This had gone up by £250 in 8 hours !! so they wanted £545 plus £150 for a hotel we want to not even stay in . I have never ever been treated this way ever

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