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Ram's complaint against Shearings

Ram Nar


Poor service disappointing trip

Complaint against Shearings

So this is how it horror I won’t be Supp roses of every customer on this trip has not written in Very poor value for money and very misleading 4 day holiday advertised only got 2 days Spencer 2 days just in commute on the motorway depart 8 arrive 7:30pm nearly 12 hours to there Driver simply didn’t want to be there huffing and puffing The Whole journey ran out of driving hours towards arrival had to call another driver to rescue him no music no entertainment silent journey end to end with very little communication or updates. Dirty windscreen Vantage seats waste also sun visors down to halfway cannot see anything on the way back had to ask to lift on the way there No proper engagement from the driver was not bothered was restless and agitated all the way Only stopped for 30 minutes twice on the way up not enough time to even eat properly took 15 mins to get coffeee 15 mons to get food had to bin it as no time to eat The food in the hotel was average but the bed was appalling over cooked on all 3 nights and burnt parsnips like cardboard on 3rd night l veg was soggy and over cooked bland tasteless or too hard The bathroom in the room was tiny and sink immediacy infron so could not sit on toilet forward washing had to squeeze in sideways with but just about on worries may fall out. Very poor excursion hardly stopped for photos just steamed ahead to Plymouth one stop at prison cafe for 30mins again soon as got tea had to leave no chance to even see Dartmoor park waste of time of excursion as didn’t see the attraction that was promised only saw Plymouth for 3 hours surely better to split time to see darymoore park properly both would be better Overall very disappointed with food and driver the windscreen was full of bird poo and table on the coach was sticky and filthy. Not worth the 10.0 upgrade. Food and accommodation coupled with driver service overall wouldn’t recommend and won’t be using shearinngs again unless I know it will be very different... also will post on trip advisor / to help others plan effectively Poor service Very disappointing Paid 169 each two people 340.00 plus 20.00 upgrade o feel should get a refund or partial refund atleaste for this really bad experiemce o I am to use you again

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