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mary's complaint against Metroline

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Ongoing Shoulder Injury problem... FROM Metroline

Complaint against Metroline

Date: September 22nd, 2016 - Number 18 Bus going West - Destination Harrow Road. Euston Road London, stop directly outside Gt Portland Street, tube station. Around 4.35pm - 4.50pm. I was upstairs in right front row seat. Bus had started moving from Marylebone Edgware Road last stop I’d already stood up, I turned pressed bell there from being at top of staircase and starting to come down when bus jolted, lurched without warning. Luckily I’d had both of my hands on both rails on both sides of staircase which on jolting wrenched my top right shoulder joint socket. With dreadfully both of my hands hurting or certainly I would have been thrown down the stairs. I would say that this was the first time that I have ever witnessed such a jolt. And, with that happening occurring when someone was actually coming down the stairs at the time is beyond just how I did not fall is still of some surprise to me looking back on it. Though it really shook me up quite badly. I'm in my seventies. I got off next stop which is the back of the Hilton hotel, this stop is the first one after Edgware Road. Before getting off bus I had looked around inside near entrance door but did not find any contact Information? WW1878 was marked on the outside of bus next to entrance door. I noted Number plate BF60 VHZ. Problem is and was (at the time) in that I’d had ultra scan just days before of ‘my top right shoulder joint socket and area’. With a medical diagnosis of bursitis and arthritis’ etc. This then had and has added to my ongoing pain and shoulder problems; and of further visits to therapists and of even yesterday offered steroid injections. MRI confirms Injury. What I want: Exactly what and is proposed from TFL before I now take things further. SO FAR "THEY, DO NOT WANT TO KNOW...?"

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