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Linda's complaint against Warner Leisure Hotels

Linda Lancett-miles


Accused of leaving the hotel without settling my bill!!

Complaint against Warner Leisure Hotels

Stayed at a "twixmas" break at Warner Sinah Warren last week. Due to snow and traffic chaos, the 2hr journey took nearly 5, hence we were all exhausted (I had 2 Octagerians plus an Alzheimers suffer with me). The female "robot" on reception had no empathy whatsoever, just waved me and the others towards a long corridor, struggling with cases, walkers etc. We eventually encountered a baggage man who kindly helped us to our rooms. I then returned to Reception and "the Robot" managed, eventually, to interrupt her chat with another staff member just long enough to take an imprint of my Credit Card and issue me with a Charge Card. When we came to leave, I went to Reception, hand in both room keys and asked to settle the bill. I was handed a printout, checked the amount and asked did I need to sign anything else, "No", came the reply, "it's all sorted, we have a signed slip from when you arrived, this is just for your records". The morning after we arrived home I received a very embarrassed call from someone at Sinah Warren, saying they were terribly sorry, THEY had inadvertently shredded some documents, among which was my original debit authority, and would I give them credit card payment now. Being security minded I asked them to call back later (it could have been anyone asking for my card details). Nobody called. A day later, another call. This time, no apology, just a blunt accusation that I had left the hotel WITHOUT PAYING MY BILL and needed to pay RIGHT NOW. I was furious, THEIR ERROR - yet I'm accused! They then said they would " have a look around" to see if they could find the authority I had signed (having previously said it had been "shredded"!!!!). I suggested they do that, and then, if they couldn't find it, WRITE to me, with an apology. Today I received a letter and another print out. This letter states that "unfortunately we do not have a bank card I'D registered...... therefore we need payment over the phone"...... NO APOLOGY for their inefficiency, NO APOLOGY for accusing me of leaving without paying. Yes, of course I will send a cheque (once I am satisfied my Credit Card has not been debited)- but I will NEVER have anything to do with that company again. How dare they fling around accusations of my not paying just to try and cover their own errors that, presumably "the Robot" on reception made as she was too interested to interrupt her chat with a colleague to do her job properly. Appalled doesn't cover it.

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