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Complaint against Warner Leisure Hotels

I have been to Warner hotels numerous times, in fact we have only 3 left to do to complete the set.my concern is the web site. If you visit the web site and look up the costs you will find a discrepancy between what is quoted and final price. Thoresby Hall Hotel for 17 August for 7 days. If you book signature room for the sum of 737.45 for 2, which comes to 1474.90. When you go to the next page at th/e top it is quoted as 2,141.00. then you get a discount of 1,023.10. Which comes to 1,117.90, then they add the cost of meals, it then comes to 1,474.90. which was the original cost of the room. So in fact it seems to me they are conning you to believe you have saved, which in fact you have not. what do you think ?

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