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Complaint against Trainline

I have had problems with downloading my tickets twice and the first time, I called Trainline direct line 03332022222 and a lady reset my tickets somehow and I was able to access them without a problem and the second time was this week. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! So I bought tickets (£90) for my journey and you always get a note to activate on the day of travel (am not sure why that is) but as usual I got to the station and went on the app and clicked download tickets. Tickets couldn't download and I kept getting a note to call trainline for help and so I did. The man that picked up told me to reinstall my app which I did but still I had a problem downloading my tickets. I told the man to upgrade my ticket over the phone so that he could send me new tickets and he explained that he wasn't able to help and only the people on the train could upgrade my tickets to which I responded that I needed my original tickets to download in order for me to be on the train hence why I called. He said that he couldn't help and so I rushed to virgin trains offices and bought another ticket to travel which cost me double as it was last minute. I only did this because I didn't want to miss my train... Moving on... I call again days after because my return wasn't working and to see if I could get a refund for my outbound ticket. Same issue as my tickets wouldn't download. The nice lady that picked up tried everything she could to help but couldn't. I explained to her that I wasn't ready to pay twice for another journey and she told me that her supervisor had told her that she couldn't help. She asked me if I wanted to talk to him and I said yes and she transferred the call. WORST SUPERVISOR/MANAGER!!! NO COMPASSION WHATSOEVER!! The man picked up and I explained everything from the beginning and he said that it was my fault that I didn't call again the first time. I explained to him that I was honestly frustrated that I had just paid twice for a ticket. He confirmed that he could see my tickets had not been used but also said that my only choice was to buy another return ticket and he COULD NOT ISSUE ME A REFUND FOR THE OUTBOUND AND RETURN TICKETS. I didn't get an explanation as to why. I asked him if it made any sense that I had paid £90 for journey that I didn't take and could verify on his end but my only option was to pay for the same journey again last minute which would cost me double. I asked him to listen to the phone calls I had made before to sort this out as they monitor them just to confirm my story and he said he would investigate and after what felt like less than 2minutes, the supervisor said it was my fault and he couldn't refund me and that I basically have to buy new tickets. HOW WAS IT MY FAULT THAT THE APP IS NOT WORKING AND HOW DOES TRAINLINE EXPECT SOMEONE TO BE OKAY WITH PAYING DOUBLE FOR A JOURNEY!? AM DELETING MY TRAINLINE ACCOUNT AND WILL ADVICE EVERYONE I CAN, NOT TO USE TRAINLINE. I WILL ALSO MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO ABOUT IT because am VERY annoyed with the way this has been handled. Twitter, snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.. Every social media account of mine will be used to let the world know about this. DO NOT USE TRAINLINE!!

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