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Anne's complaint against Trainline

Anne Williams


Excessive telephone charges

Complaint against Trainline

I telephoned the number on Wednesday 9th to book in advance a train ticket from Peterborough to Tunbridge Wells for Monday 20th November and return Wednesday 22nd November. I am in my sixties and had already struggled for half an hour trying to use their online booking procedure. First problem, the young woman who answered had such a thick Indian accent I had considerable trouble understanding her and for that matter she did not understand what I was asking for either. She had no idea Where Tunbridge Wells was or how to spell it! to enable her to look it up on her computer. After much explaining and spelling out of words to her on my part and on hers a constant commenting of “yes I understand” which she obviously did not at all, she informed me that the booking had been made. I duly passed over my card details for payment and made an arrangement to collect them at Peterborough Station office, which is a round trip of over 40 miles from my home. All this had taken 28 minutes and a few seconds at a cost to me of £7.16p Ten minutes later my telephone rang and it was this same young woman saying to me that the booking had not been made and she could not give meany explanation as to why that was. I was pretty fed up by then of the whole ridiculous process which had taken so long, cost me over £7.00 and now I had absolutely noting at the end of it. I asked her to then cancel my card payment and to refund the monies to my card. Well surprise surprise, that will take up to 4 days to be refunded. You can take my money out immediately but for some reason you can't put it back!! when I asked why it would take 4 days, she of course once again, had no explanation. The next day I drove to Stamford Railway Station my nearest one, a round trip of 32 miles to get my tickets there. The man in the office tried again to get my tickets and also could not make the booking via his computer. He had no explanation as to why either, he just said it was not playing ball and to try ringing Virgin Trains as they control the tickets apparently. I drove home and thought what a ridiculous rigmarole just to get a train ticket. Later on that Thursday afternoon my husband tried the Online site again as I had had no luck any other way and he was able to book my tickets. So today Saturday 11th I have driven into Peterborough and finally collected my tickets. Therefore to sum up, in my view you owe me £7.16 pence for a wasted telephone charge at the very least. You are not going to recompense me are you? for a thoroughly unpleasant experience in trying to make a simple booking through your company and having to drive about the countryside for no reason whatsoever. One last thing, trying to get an actual address to send this to was also pretty difficult. There are times when an email will simply not do and no way was I going to run up further telephone charges by calling you. Yours, a not very impressed Trainline customer.

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