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Miss karen's complaint against Trainline

Miss karen grundy


[LAPSED] Ten month old daughter admitted to hospital, couldn't get train home, and wouldn't help with tickets

Complaint against Trainline

Hi I'm the lady who daughter was rushed into hospital and wouldn't help me. Basically I live in Blackpool and was attending my grandads funeral down in Essex, I had booked tge tickets in advance and paid only forty pound return for myself and my eldest daughter. On the Monday night after we had returned from the funeral my youngest, only 10 months old Was rushed into Luton and dunstable hospital and admitted straight away with viral bronchiolitis. When I phoned train line and explained all this I was told she was sorry for my situation but there was nothing she could do. I ended up paying a further 76 pound through them to get home. I'm a single mum and I work as a duty manager of a large pub, I always pay my way and don't expect a free ride as it were but this just doesn't feel right to me at all. I did not miss my train on purpose ,it was due to unforeseen circumstances that were out of my control and this is why I feel on this occasion I have every right to feel that this is very unfair. Many thanks in advance for any help with this matter would be very much appreciated. Karen grundy

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Lapsed. Miss karen has not responded in 90 days

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Douglas Macnaughton | | VERIFIED

Hi Karen, As we have now spoken on the telephone, I thought I would also acknowledge your review. As discussed, we are happy to provide a full refund on the original tickets which you were unable to use. If you want to go ahead with this refund please let me know. I hope your daughter makes a speedy and full recovery. Best wishes, Vikki
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