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Amber's complaint against Voyage Privé

Amber Comben


Deposit refund for Zika stricken Bali when pregnant

Complaint against Voyage Prive

My best friend and I booked our holiday back in January, at the time although we knew Zika had been found in the country neither of us were worried as we were not pregnant, nor planning to be. We paid our deposit via credit card and had the remaining £1500 left to pay. Fast forward a few months to when i found out i was pregnant! Surprised would be an understatement here but i was happy none the less, after a few complication we finally got the all clear to tell our friends, when i informed my holiday buddy of the news she was overjoyed, after some research she quickly informed me we wouldn't be able to go to Bali because of the presence of the Zika virus, this was further backed up by my midwife at my next visit. My holiday buddy really came into her own here, contacting Voyage Prive directly to inform them of the issue (I spent some time in hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum) in the hope of a refund or transferring the balance to another holiday in an area not affected by Zika, she was met with a resounding NO from all departments, she was advised to try contacting the flight companies directly but they have said it is down to Voyage Prive. I have to say for a 'luxury' travel company I am appalled at the lack of compassion and understanding for their customers in this position. We would have been very happy to transfer the existing deposit to another holiday with the travel company if a refund was not suitable but there has been absolutely no flexibility with the company what so ever. After doing some research i can see other travel companies do offer a refund or transfer of funds and i really wish i hadn't put my faith and money in Voyage Prive.

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