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carmen's complaint against Voyage Privé

carmen da silva


Lack of Communication

Complaint against Voyage Prive

I am extremely dissatisfied with your customer care services. I am a regular customer of Voyage Prive, I have booked many holidays through you and I have recommended you to several friends and work colleagues, who also used your services. My complaint is regarding a recent trip to Thailand, booking reference: 100212301VPUK. My booking included flights, hotels and ALL TRANSFERS!! The reason why I booked this trip with you was to ensure I had peace of mind that as a reliable company you would take care of everything included in the package I paid for. On 18th of January I received an email from you with my flights information which confirmed that my inbound flight was on the 18/4/18 at 11:10 by Finnair airways, boarding at 9:10. On arrival to Krabi, Thailand I met a local rep named Sak, who worked for Destination Services, the local travel agency that you arranged and that were responsible for my transfers to the airport. Sak informed me that on the 18/4/18 my inbound flight was at 11:10, boarding time was at 9:10 and therefore the Destination Services driver would pick me up at 8:40 in the morning. The documents and information supplied to me by Destination Services matched the information I had been given by you, so I was pleased to know that everything was taken care of! On the 17th of April, the night before the inbound flight I asked at the hotel reception to contact Destination Services to double check the pickup time and flight details and ensure everything would go smoothly. On the day of the flight, the 18th April, I was picked up at the hotel at 8:40 as planned, got to the Krabi airport at 9:00 and looked for my flight desk. I was astonished when I was told by the information desk that my flight did not exist. I approached every single helpdesk (Finnair, Thai Airways, Asia, etc) and no-one could tell me what was happening. I started to be very worried as my boarding time was now over and if I had to be on an 11:10 flight I would missed it. It was night time in the UK, so I could not even give you a call to clarify the situation. I had no support whatsoever from the Krabi Airport staff who kept telling me: “go away, it is not our problem”. I contacted Destination services to confirm if they had received any further information from you, to which they confirmed that you DID NOT CONTACT THEM REGARDING ANY CHANGES TO MY FLIGHT!!! I kept approaching the flight help desks one by one and finally found that I was meant to be on an 8:30 flight by Qatar Airways and again they said that there was nothing they could do about it as that flight had been in the morning. Starting to feel desperate, I sent 2 urgent emails to your customer services which you claim as being a 24h service. NO REPLY. By now I had been at Krabi airport for 10 hours. It was finally 8 am in the UK, so I called your services and exposed the situation. I was told that there was nothing you could do for me as I had “missed my flight”. A flight I had not been informed about. Your customer adviser told me an email had been sent. I can confirm I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY EMAIL. I DID NOT REPLY TO ANY EMAIL AGREEING TO A FLIGHT CHANGE, I CHECKED ALL MY FOLDERS, INC SPAM AND JUNK – NOTHING. How can you make a major flight change and not even contact you customer offering an suitable alternative? A major change like this may have resulted in having to cancel my trip. If I choose a certain time for my flight, before you make a change you need to speak to the customer, right? In the past when I travelled with you and there were flight changes, you called me to ensure I was aware and to offer me an alternative flight that suited me. THIS TIME, I DID NOT GET A SINGLE PHONE CALL FROM YOU! In addition, YOU FAILED to inform the transfer company, which you organised and that you included in my package. Who’s responsibility it is to inform the transfer company, considering I paid for a package that included all transfers? Destination Services was arranged by you, NOT ME! After 24h stranded at Krabi Airport, multiple calls to Voyage Prive that resulted in a £153 phone bill (as you did not even have the courtesy to call me back whenever there was an update on my situation) I was “offered” the option of paying 50% of a new flight home, when I didn’t miss my flight, I was not informed of the changes, I was picked up by the transfers company that you arranged at the time you arranged and I was there on time for the flight I had been informed about! I only accepted to pay for 50% of my flight because at this point I was starting to get desperate and saw no other way out. I just wanted to come back home! I was denied accommodation. I slept in a chair, in a noisy airport. Was bitten several times by mosquitos and woken up by people shouting and screaming at the airport. I missed a day at work, unnecessarily. It was one of the most stressful situations of my life and I still feel emotionally and physically drained! I have two more holidays already booked with you and paid for and unfortunately I feel very anxious about using your services again, as my situation was poorly handled. There was an extreme lack of communication. You should have informed the transfers company that you arranged as they were included in my packaged and they were responsible for picking me up at the hotel. If they had been informed I would have arrived at the airport in time for my flight. Also you should have ensured I received the correct information. Sending an email is not good enough. I did not receive the email! Emails get lost, don’t get sent. You should have contacted me via phone AS YOU HAVE IN THE PAST, or send emails where people need to reply, to ensure the information reaches all parties. I am very reluctant in booking my holidays through you ever again and I will ensure that this feedback reaches as many people as possible. I feel revolted by the way I was treated.

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