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Julie's complaint against Voyage Privé

Julie M


Serious complaint -

Complaint against Voyage Prive

Hi there, We have recently returned from our trip at Seapoint Mauritius that we booked through yourselves. Firstly before I go on to list my complaint please understand that we had a nice time despite the problem and the hotel and staff were lovely but as we feel it's a very serious issue we think we really must advise you of the hotels procedure and would appreciate your response at your earliest convenience. We really think our feedback and complaint needs to be considered by Voyage Prive and Seapoint as it's incredibly dangerous and could have a devastating result if not changed. People have died as a result of such negligence in other places and I would hate for this to happen to someone as a result of Seapoint/Voyage Prive not reviewing my email. On arrival to the hotel we advised I have a serious nut allergy ( all nuts) to the General and Food and Beverage Manager and they wrote it on our stay card and advised that they would relay this information to everyone. They made it clear this was important information and would ensure we would not be effected. However on our first day and everyday thereafter throughout our entire stay at Seapoint I was offered nut products continuously. The hotel was handing out hand towels with almond oil everyday several times each day which unfortunately I touched unknowingly. The almond oil extract was on most tables as the towels were placed down after use until collected which meant every time I touched a table or sunlounger I would have to wash my hands or wipe down where I was sitting or eating as I would get itchy and sore. Although having advised the management and staff of my nut allergy every day we were served food with nuts almost everyday. On the second day we ate a cake to find several sliced nuts in it. Luckily I had antihistamines to hand and on this occasion my reaction was not dangerous it just gave me uncomfortable symptoms in my mouth and skin. But there were many times when I felt my mouth and lips swelling and had to take medication to counteract the reaction after eating even though we asked profusely about the ingredients. My mouth, skin and hands have suffered all week and have not been able to relax and felt at times we annoyed some of the staff by refusing to eat some of the meals with nuts on. I actually was very worried about my health every single day and to each staff we had to remind about nuts. Some staff at the end of our holiday were very helpful but still food with nut ingredients were still offered and served on our table, Some of the days we were unable to eat some of the snacks/food because of nuts so our full board option was disappointing. My partner was encouraged to eat nuts as they said he wasn't allergic but as he is in close contact with me he refused which they didn't understand, so at times we both went without. He was also offered the towels even though we constantly reminded that nuts were in the towels. We even nervously joked "are you trying to kill her?" And made it really clear we thought it was "very dangerous, I could die from touching it eating nuts" Serving food/products to those with a bad nut allergy every single day even though having been constantly reminded is really dangerous. My hands are covered in sores from handing the almond oil towel at the beginning of the holiday and inevitably touching areas on tables/sun loungers where nuts had been regularly in contact. This could be a very serious issue if someone had had a more adverse reaction than I have had. I am now back from holiday with very bad hands and rashes, including mouth ulcers which is such a shame and puts a very negative slant on what should have been a lovely indulgent holiday. I have photos to show my hands initial reaction going red and itchy at the start of the holiday particularly at the point where I made contact with the towels handed out with almond oil on and all blistered now. Please also note we were given products with nuts in when we were on the airplanes. Even though we advised the plane staff of the allergy we were still given food with nuts in so we didn't eat the food provided. On a long haul flight this was not good at all. The air hostess just shrugged her shoulders and offered no alternatives. We are really disappointed with these issues during our holiday from the very start to the very end. We paid a lot of money for this holiday and saved for our holiday of a lifetime which sadly was very troublesome. Nut allergies are quite common and there have been many publicised incidents where people have died due to negligence such as this and in some cases where a restaurant owner was sentenced to prison as a result of someone eating a nut extract in a curry when advised he was allergic to nuts but was still given a product with a nut in and sadly died. Please could you consider our very serious complaint and respond. Regards Julie Marshall

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