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mary-ann's complaint against Diggerland

mary-ann cairns


[RESPONDED] Charge full price foer children under 1 meter who cant use alot of ride!!!!

Complaint against Diggerland

On Monday I attended Diggerland with my almost 3 year old son. I must say I was hugely disappointed at the number of rides he could not use as he was under 1 meter. I understand there are health and safety issues but why then charge full price for a child under 1 meter knowing that there are a number of rides they will not be able to use. The number of rides he could not use wasn’t stated on entry and to be honest if I had known that there were so many rides with height restrictions I probably would have returned when he was over the 1 meter which most rides seem to require. Wouldn’t it make more sense to charge a child fee for those under 1 meter as they do not have equal access to rides as the full paying persons in the park? My son was left upset at many rides knowing he could not get on .

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Diggerland Duggy | | VERIFIED

Hello Mary-Ann, Thank you for your comments. All feedback is much appreciated in order to help us improve our overall service to customers. With regards to your feedback, please kindly note that as stated per the Ride Height Chart, any child between 90-100cm is able to enjoy 15 of the 20 rides and drives, 5 of which they will need to be accompanied by an adult and the others they will need to be

Diggerland Duggy | | VERIFIED

accompanied by someone that is permitted to drive/operate the machine. Please also note that the Ride Height Chart is clearly displayed on our website for customers to view prior to visiting, as well as in the admissions area for when you arrive. Due to the fact that children between 90-100cm are able to go on the majority of the rides and drives, this is why they would require an entry ticket.

Diggerland Duggy | | VERIFIED

We sincerely hope that this does not deter you from making future visits with us. With warm regards, Diggerland.

mary-ann cairns | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

mary-ann cairns | | VERIFIED

Unless a child between 90-100cm can access all rides that the taller children can then they should not be charged full price. Of course I expect to pay entry but not full price for a child of that height. One of the rides requires my child riding with another below a certain height!! My child would not ride with a stranger so this was also out of range for him.
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