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Samantha's complaint against Diggerland

Samantha Holden


[LAPSED] Rude member of staff, rides closed, children refused on it was just one thing after another

Complaint against Diggerland

We travelled 2 hrs to get to diggerland as the last time my children went was several years ago when we never had any issues or anything bad to say now this time is the complete opposite from the moment we arrived an paid bearing in mind we were a group of 7! 2 adults 5 children which 2 are disabled! The first ride they went to get on was near to the front was a set of 4 diggers hooking ducks now only my younger 3yr old was allowed on yet the other children 9,10,12,14 was not allowed to go on when obviously they should be allowed to as the next set of diggers the same as the previous ones but it was knocking all the pins down with the ball on the digger the girl let them on then when I explained to her what had happened on the previous ride she said the young boy should of defiantly let them on then she even double checked with the girl that was operating the next ride next to her an the girl in front on the middle ones that drive around an both said yes so she said she was going to tell her manager an if we wanted to go back on the first one then to go back over to it this was done then we found him very rude as he explained he had already told us they were not allowed on there an still refused then he wasn't happy after he was told by someone else that he had to let them on an he shouldn't be turning people away that are allowed to go on it etc. Then the park close's at 5pm yet 4.30pm 2 rides closed. So my children were unable to get on them. Then they went to go on the razor scooter things an was told they're no longer on either as the battery's are dead so there not going to be charged till the following day. The small cars for small children to drive around on the majority are broken except 1! The rest were broken an the girl that was working on it explained 1 has a flat tyre, 1 don't run at all, 1 only goes very slowly aparantly you can walk faster then it moves an so on. Even the normal bigger cars you drive the Mitsubishi pajero they were using to allow children I think from 10-17 to drive just as we qued an got to the point we were next we was told they were also closed now an when I asked why they said they have to turn the car off an leave it as it's leaking so it needs to be repaired so I asked if they could use 1 of the others sitting there but was told there also waiting to be repaired which is just a complete joke! To be fair for what you pay for it was quite a disappointing day from start to finish defiantly ain't worth the money you pay to get in to there. Whether there all the same but I know for a fact I defiantly would not want to Go back there to the Kent one or to any of them! Very disappointed to say the least!!

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Lapsed. Samantha has not responded in 90 days

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Diggerland Duggy | | VERIFIED

Dear Samantha, Thank you for your comment via 'A Spokesman Said' and also thank you for contacting our Customer Service Department today. Your email to our Customer Service Department came in at 8:15am today and at 11:00am we had responded to you, stating we were looking into your feedback and would respond as soon as possible. Our policy states within 5 working days.

Diggerland Duggy | | VERIFIED

We will respond to you fully via email correspondence. Best wishes, Diggerland.
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