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Plowright's complaint against Travel Republic



Hotel mixup for first three days, turkish bath left with bad scars, the jeep safari false info given

Complaint against Travel Republic

When we arrived no hotel was willing to accept us this was very disturbing after 3 days in an hotel which kept reminding us that we had no business to be there as we had no booking with them only fuelled the uncertainty of our presence, I was feeling very vulnerable and couldn't relax, eventually we were rescued and taken to the correct hotel. The rep was good enough to try make things better which included a Turkish bath, this was already given to us in England , he asked would we like any excursion I felt obligated to purchase something as he had helped us get into hotel which we should've been in to start, the excursion was not how it was sold, he failed to mention that there would be stopping to have mass amounts of cold water thrown directly on us ( I have COPD a lung disease ) purposely, it was Turkish holiday so we were the only English on the trip. There was about100 youngsters who we couldn't communicate with. The Turkish bath left Paul with serious bad blisters even though he told them to not touch that area of his body a young boy very young had not understood and scrubbed the area instead not a pleasant view. By now our holiday was a disaster.I felt angry by now , couldn't believe i've paid for such an experience I wouldn't be given. Decided not to go on anymore outings , I was to angry to cry. Coming to the last few days Paul couldn't wait to get home to England lots of exchanged opinions had gone on between us . Please this was meant to be our time to relax and I felt so many different feelings. Ready to go home, I decided to have a good Turkish meal and attended a Turkish night. I had travelled by bus and planned to get back in a cab. It was a busy night people were eating I was feeling ok about things when I started to see people were acting serious I asked what was going on nobody seem to know, all I was told was to make my way back to the hotel and lock the room. What is it this time I thought? Very frightened after hearing such news I was stood all alone everyone else had gone, I was distraught , please just get me home after half hour a taxi came for me. We locked ourselves in the hotel the airport had been closed . I paid for extra time in the hotel lucky they had room, our rep never once got in touch with any information. This whole experience was a traumatic event. I honestly don't know what more to say, it's depressing me writing this and reliving the holiday. Please contact me with some type of explanation. I had the worst holiday ever . Susan Kenny Paul plowright.

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