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Lola's complaint against Butlins

Lola E


Accused of loud music at 1am I don't think so Butlins..

Complaint against Butlins

Me and my friend was on holiday for Xmas & New year & we was just relaxin in our room with a bit of music on as u do not loud atall on a max volume of 15 with no bass or treble turned on atall we get a knock at the door from security at half 7 at night askin us to turn it off? Sorry but this was at half 7 at night on a Friday night & the music was in no way or shape of form loud atall we aren't disrespectful people let me get this round ur heads Butlins I am Autistic & Bipolar & can't stand loud noises .. So next at around 11pm we get another secuirty guard around askin us to turn the music down excuse me but we had no music on atall at this time of night so I explained that I was headin out at that time just as he banged on my door rudely.. then next thing we know the next morning on new Years day we get a knock at 11.30am from a secuirty guard asking rudely for our wristbands & that we av 2 leave the park which I had 2 find £200 taxi fare back home which was a struggle on a very low income & 2 get a taxi home on new years day wasn't easy.. I tried 2 speak 2 Butlins directly via email & phone when I got home but they kept on accusing me of this so say loud music which isn't the case atall they seem 2 think they are right and we are the wrong ones more like they was singling us out just because we are 26 doesn't mean we are disrespectful people.. I used to use Butlins for 16 years then i get a letter saying we are banned from the park ! The distress Butlins u have caused is unreal it didn't need to come to this extent Butlins has totally blown this out of proportion now they are also ignoring my emails to top it off..

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