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Carol's complaint against Omniserv

Carol Portfors


Disgusting Service

Complaint against Omniserv

On June 27, we flew from Thunder Bay to Toronto, to Heathrow Airport (London) arriving June 28 on Flight AC858, connecting on to SAS532 and SAS4228. I request Handicapped assistance for distance, due to catastrophic injuries from an auto accident, and I mobilize with a four wheeled walker. When we arrived at the gate (my husband) and myself we waited for the representative. This happened in Heathrow Airport. Your representative put me on the cart, but refused my husband, whom looks after my walker for me and my carryon bag. He stated that my husband could take my walker and run behind. My husband is my companion, 70 years old with high blood pressure and asthma, for which he takes medication for. I look after the passports and boarding passes. So I had to think really fast and hand him his passport and boarding pass, and then got thinking that we might not find each other, so I hopped off the cart and attempted the distance - walking! In an effort to stay together in a strange airport as well a strange country we made it. I have travelled extensively and never met someone in that position to be so rude. Three days ago I emailed the representative in Heathrow, that I was given a card for - and to date to reply, no acknowledgement. There was no negative health affects this time and I never wish to experience such lack of service, and compassion ever again.

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