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Deborah 's complaint against Omniserv

Deborah Klein


Was forced to walk alone on bus with luggage

Complaint against Omniserv

I arranged wheelchair assistance with American Airlines as well as British Airways for the duration of all my flights to Israel and back to Miami. Upon arriving at London Heathrow, I was not taken care of properly and forced to walk alone with all my bags to take a bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, I had to lift all my bags alone despite me telling the guy I have a bad post operative spine as well as bad knees needing surgery. This set me back terribly as for the remainder of my trip I was in excruciating pain and therefore couldn’t sleep on a 10 hour flight.(9+). I huch only makes it worse for me. I also could not believe how rude the lady was upon entering the terminal from the bus. She had no compassion whatsoever and made me wait over 40 minutes until a wheelchair finally came, leaving me no time to unwind in the lounge. I actually would’ve had 1.5 hrs between flights and bec of how long it took, I was rushing like a madwoman to be ready for my next flight to Miami from London. This was unacceptable. For her to tell me how hard she was working and that she had a million people to take care of from 3:30 AM was not my problem. She should not hve been so rude and obnoxious to me. I truly hope you respond to this complaint because I feel like telling everyone to avoid dealing with your company if they can help it. Terrible customer service,

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