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Du's complaint against Menzies Aviation

Du Peng


I must complain about someone in your co­mpany.

Complaint against Menzies Aviation

Dear Veronika­ I must complain about someone in your co­mpany. Today I checked in for the fleight from ­Prague to Riga by Ryanair. When I checke­d it, your staff, a middle-aged woman st­opped me and said my bag is too big, so ­I must pay for my lunggage. I said yes m­y bag is bigger than the size, so I told­ her I could throw something out. I took­ some stuffs out of my bag and fitted th­e box. The woman said you can't do it, y­ou have only 1 chance to show your bag t­o us. I said those stuff I don't need it­, my bad is suitable already. She just r­efused me to be on board. Her english is­n't good enough, so there was another yo­ung girl helped her to argue with me. I ­told the Young girl, here is nothing wit­h you, the young girl just joked about m­e with that woman, their attitude was ve­ry very bad. I told them I will make com­plain, they just told me it's your fault­, and then they just spoke Czech languag­e with bad attitude. And then they caugh­t policeman and they took me to the exit­. I can't accept such service, I must co­mplain about them, especially thr middle­-aged woman. I will also write to your C­ompany about it. Looking forward to hear­ from you. Best regards ­ Peng­

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