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Cat's complaint against Menzies Aviation

Cat Scott


Lost baggage and will no answer the phone or reply to any messages left

Complaint against Menzies Aviation

Arrived home from Ibiza to Glasgow on Sat flight no TOM1609 and only got 2 of 3 bags. I understand these things happen however we were not the only ppl on this flight for this to happen to. No rep on hand at airport to support us or tell us what to do next. The Menzies agent who were directed to was initially unwilling to confirm her identity and sent us on a wild goose chase to another area of the airport then when we went back to her, we were given other false information in regards to speaking to someone else from Menzies. When we were final shown to the correct desk I was given a generic letter from my airline with a tracking code which does seem to be recognised on Menzies word tracker system and a contact phone number for Menzies at Glasgow airport which no one will answer the phone on and refuse to call any messages left for them back on. This is Day 4 of my bag going missing all I would like is a bit of decent customer service and some one to act like they are trying to retrieve my bag because right now I don’t feel like it’s even been registered as missing correctly. However no one will answer the phone or call me back so I am now at a bit of a dead end. I wonder how the other couples from my flight are getting on with this company and if their bags have been found or any contact made with them at all? As I am at my wits end now, just a follow up to say after they contacted Ibiza on Sat is all I’m asking for. Surely someone has got in touch now with them to answer to what happened to my bag after it was checked in Ibiza!?

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