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Pam's complaint against Diamond Holidays

Pam Allan


14 hours on a coach 6 hours visiting

Complaint against Diamond Holidays

After out last experience with Diamond travel, we said, "Never again," but we were seduced by the advert for the Mary Rose trip. Diamond have no perception of travel times on British motorways, and impose unrealistic aims on their drivers. Our driver had started from Anglesey at 5am and made his first pick up in Mold at 6am. By Wolverhampton he was 15 mins late, by Coventry (after Walsall and Solihull) 30 minutes late. Unsurprisingly, he needed a long break at Frankley, when we were no more than 20 miles from our starting point. We travelled 5.5 hours to Wninchester, and had 2.5 hours in that lovely city. To our horror, we then drove AWAY from there for 1.5 hours to Gatwick, and the same time to Portsmouth next morning. At the wonderful dockyard museum we had only 3.5 hours for something which needed a whole day. We then sat in the coach for almost 6 hours to reach Wolverhampton. I believe the ticket entrance to the dockyard was £25; we certainly didn't get value for money. This time, "Never again," means just that.

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