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Victor's complaint against Gotogate

Victor Fernandes


Ripped off unfairly

Complaint against Gotogate

Booked flight to Berlin for two passengers via RyanAir summing a total of 183€ for both tickets including return flight but during payment through the site I noticed that the fees charged were doubled from 183€ to 366€, I rechecked the process of the payment and noticed I had made a double payment by mistake, for the exact same flight, the exact same passengers for the same time and day. I immediately contacted RyanAir but they informed me that they could not do anything as the payment is made to GOTOGATE, within a matter of minutes I then contacted GOTOGATE and they requested an e-mail describing the occurrence. What I requested from them was to refund half of the total payment because the flights were paid in double, I then received an e-mail from GOTOGATE informing me that the according to company policy a deduction of 51€ per passenger will be charged and the remainder will be refunded. I did not agree with this result and requested a phone number where I could argue my point of view and explain the unfairness of the process, there was no backing off from GOTOGATE, they remained firm with their decision to deduct a total of 102€ from a sum of 183€, leaving me with a total refund of 81€. I did read their policy, it is not clear and the only penalization I was able to see was a total of 29€ per passenger this is if there was a cancellation or alteration of the flight already booked, which this was not the case, all I requested was a refund of the extra payment I did as mentioned previously, I paid twice for the same order. I contacted GOTOGATE on the number they supplied but the gentleman taking care of customer service could not help me, he had to abide to company policy and the deduction of 102€ was to go ahead. I was left with no option but to agree with the amount of the refund or run the risk of getting nothing back. Can someone please help me retrieve the money I paid extra, although I recognize that the mistake was mine for paying double for the same order, the extra money paid should be due back to me, I cannot understand or accept this type of business. I have sent a complaint to the European Commission in order to help resolve this dispute Sincerley Yours Victor Fernandes

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