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Beatriz's complaint against Gotogate

Beatriz Oliveira


The worst company I ever used to book a flight!

Complaint against Gotogate

I used Skyscanner to book my flight, that lead me to I booked my flight for the 22nd of December, but a week before, I changed my departure date for the 20th of December. After contacting Gotogate, they gave me a price of £170 extra to change the booking, which I happily accepted. Next day, I'm contacted by someone who claims being one of the managers in the company and that they would need to charge me £65 more because one of his colleagues made a mistake and did not give me the correct amount. I was already paying a lot for the change of the departure date, and I understand that it was a mistake, but for £65 is it worth it to bother the client and loose someone that would eventually rebook with them? Obviously, I did not accept this, so on my back, this "manager" made a refund of £170 to my card and booked me back to the original date. After this, I literally spent every single day calling them, because my trip was not updated online in none of the websites (theirs or flight company TAP) and it even came to a point where I was not booked for either one of the days!! I would also like to mention the lack of customer service in this company, where I found myself talking to the members that not only were not listening to my request, they were even raising their voices to talk on top of me. Is just unacceptable! In the end, just a few days from my flight, a gentleman from the night shift, named Parmeet, called one of his managers and asked permission to rebook the flight for the 20th without the £65 extra and helped me with the luggage that ended up also "disappearing" from the original booking, where 1 luggage allowance was included. Nothing on this reservation went well and despite the fact that I flew home on the required date, I will never use this company once again or recommend it to anyone! Something that should be quite easy, became a very, very stressful situation!

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