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John's complaint against Translink

John Menara


First class carriage cancelled and no refund given

Complaint against Translink

In disbelief that this company is allowed to given Northern Ireland tourism a bad name. As a foreigner I booked first class only to turn up and be told that not only was the first class carriage cancelled, but that I would also have to buy an economy class ticket for the Belfast to Dublin Translink. I also was forced to pay the travel on day rate of £45 each as opposed to the online rate of £27. So in affect I paid £135 for a one way ticket to Dublin. I was then told that to get a refund for my first class ticket I would need to write in and it would take up to 21 business days for a response and a further 14 days once approved for a refund! It's a disgrace, this company not only violated several of their own terms and conditions but violated several European consumer laws. They should be heavily fined and made accountable.

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