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Jam's complaint against Translink

Jam Ramsey


Translink don’t care!

Complaint against Translink

My 18 year old daughter went to a concert in Belfast and she supposed to get the 300 airport bus (23:30 last bus of the night) and then I pick her up from the park & ride. She left her gig early with plenty of time to travel to the bus station @ europa. She had to go around the side of the europa as the main train/bus station wasn’t open. She attempted to go in the night gate for her bus but was told by an employee that she and the others had to wait outside. So she waited for 15 minutes until it was a bit after half past 11. Then she sees a man come towards the nightgate thinking he will allow the passengers to board the bus but no. The employee closed the door on them. Then after this the bus leaves the station driving by my daughter and the others with nobody on the bus. I just find this ridiculous that Translink would be so irresponsible and careless. They left my young daughter stranded and vunerable as there was no other buses or trains after this!! I really appreciate the good Translink employees that work late into the night but I think Translink need to be a lot more considerate of their customers.

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