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William's complaint against Cruise & Maritime

William Edmondson


A sujm o money inappropriately deducted from my current account.

Complaint against Cruise \u0026 Maritime

On Jan 5th this year I embarked on the Cruise ship Marco Polo, and disembarked on March 31st. Shortly before disembarkation I received invoices for on board expenses, which I checked with my receipts, and agreed with the totals The amounts were subsequently deducted from my current account. It was not until I was checking my transactions on my PC that I discovered, to my dismay, that a further amount had been deducted by Marco Polo for on board expenses. This amount was deducted on the 12th of May, SIX WEEKS AFTER I HAD DISEMBARKED On July 11th I wrote a letter pointing out the error, and asked for a refund, or a detailed Invoice, and posted it to their Purfleet address. Having not received any acknowledgement, I wrote another letter on Oct 6th expressing my disgust and asked for an immediate reply, I also included my E-mail address. This time I sent a copy of the two letters to their Head Office address in London. . I have still, been ignored., and am now of the opinion that they have no intention oif repaying the money; and trhat they have acted with impunity.

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