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Ben's complaint against Uber

Ben Bradshaw


Missed flight & £832 in costs after Uber driver 30 mins late and takes 2hr 30 mins to drive 22km

Complaint against Uber

Went on holiday to Indonesia for c. a month, with return flight scheduled for November 28th, 2017. Most unfortunately, a great trip was given a nightmare ending - with the impact still being felt/incurred - due 100% to Uber's appalling unfit-for-purpose 'service': taxi was ordered 1 hr 30 mins in advance scheduled for 8.55am. Uber arrived at 9.26am, with no informing of delays, no explanation and no apology. In spite of knowing my desired location (Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta) prior to arrival - and most certainly being made aware of it upon arriving - the driver then proceeded to make an unscheduled unannounced stop for petrol, and then to set off in the exact opposite direction to the airport (not once, but twice - all very visible on the route map provided by Uber which I shall include as evidence along with the scheduled pickup time, and the time taken to complete the journey). To make matters worse, the driver appeared to be driving in circles towards the end of the journey (as shown) and acted in a rude and aggressive manner throughout the entirety of the journey which caused me not to feel entirely safe in the vehicle. Moreoever, the 22km journey - one I had taken no less than 3 times in the preceeding month at an average of roughly 1 hr per journey - took 2hr 30 mins (perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the route taken), undoubtedly increasing the taxi fare itself and worst of all (unsurprisingly) causing me to miss my direct flight back to London Heathrow. The total cost of this all to myself - in addition to returning home 3 days later than scheduled and the practical inconveniences this posed, and disregarding the amount of time I have had to since exhaust on Uber's totally advertently unfit-for-purpose 'complaints process' - has been £832.06 as alluded to; this includes flight costs of £585.97, and other expenses totaling £246.09 (for 2 nights stay in hotels, meals, transport etc) - all of which, needless to say, I possess an abundance of evidence/records for. I would also like to add that the whole shambolic debacle has been exacerbated further by Uber's total refusal to properly engage regarding the range of issues I experienced - which was perhaps to be expected for a company that has no email address, phone number or written address one can contact in light of such issues - which one would have assumed to be a legal requirement. Certainly, it is no surprise to learn that Uber have been banned from operating in London (pending an appeal) and I sincerely hope this ban is extended far and wide based on my experience, so that others do not encounter the same

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