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Atiqah's complaint against KPB Ekspres

Atiqah Ridzwan


Bad service

Complaint against KPB Ekspres

I was nearly faced death due to the negligence of the driver. As the luggage storage area of the bus was so spacious and big, I had to take some time to retrieve my bag because my bag located at the most behind and there were many other bags. When I was taking my bag and still in that area, suddenly the door of the the luggage storage area closed. As the result, both of my legs were stuck between the door. The bus started to move at that time. I was very terrified and scared at that time because I was left hanging, with my legs dangling outside the bus. After like 10 seconds, been stuck there, the door reopen and I managed to get myself out. But, driver do not even bother to go out to see my condition and just drove away right after. I got bruises on both of my legs and can't even walk properly after the accident. I'm so upset with the service provided. Not going to use KPB Express again

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mohd roshazizi | | VERIFIED

saya nak buat aduan bawa bas macam org mabuk

mohd roshazizi | | VERIFIED

lepaa tu ikut jalan dalam pening kepla

mohd roshazizi | | VERIFIED

brek ikut suka ja
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