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Kent's complaint against KPB Ekspres

Kent Woh


Mis-match bus

Complaint against KPB Ekspres

I bought a bus ticket to go jb from seremban (12.30pm). As usual, I arrived half an hour early to “check in” and get my bus ticket. I waited for 1 hour and none of the KPB bus had shown up. Then I approached the counter and asked why the bus isn’t here yet. She was shocked and ask why you never go up to the bus earlier? I already calling “Larkin larkin” just now. The problem is, none of the bus is KPB ekspres earlier. I bought a KPB ekspres ticket, of course I’m looking for KPB bus, so when she is shouting “Johor Larkin” I thought she was calling for those who belongs to that particular bus company! They are blaming me for not asking, then I ask for a replacement ticket to get me into another bus to go jb. They said they couldn’t make it, I have to buy a new ticket. I was pissed and I went away to another bus company because they offered me a cheaper ticket. I didn’t make the situation awful to scold the ticket seller or blame them. And they are blaming the other ticket seller for snatching their passenger.

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