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Sambuunyam's complaint against Commuter Club

Sambuunyam Oyunbileg


Commuter club is a scam

Complaint against Commuter Club

Last April at the end of the month I had my bag stolen along with my oyster card. I requested for a replacement card and paid the replacement fee. I waited for a full month before giving up and deciding to cancel my membership.During the month I had contacted customer service they told me that its on it way and maybe wait a little longer and it never arrived. I do not know what type of delivery that have that they could not even track it. The whole time I was paying for my membership plus my travel expenses. My expenses doubled. Then when I tried to cancel they told me that they cannot cancel without receiving my oyster card. I do not have it so I had to wait for another replacement card. Then my next month payment went in. I was thinking of cancelling my direct debit and they told me well there is no need because you will get a refund. This is where it gets more messed up.They charge you interest from your refund and travel expense cost. You do not get full refund at all you get less than half because of all the extra expenses they pile up on you . The customer service do not admit to their mistakes or they to make things up to you. They are not honest with you about the.It is a money making scheme. They do not care about their customers at all.If you get your card stolen or lose it. You may end up paying more wasting time and money more in the long run.

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