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Stefan's complaint against Commuter Club

Stefan David



Complaint against Commuter Club

Hi, after a long time of waiting I have decided to make this review. I have applied for commuter club in Sep 2018 when I was starting my new job hoping I could save some money on travel. My card was not delivered in the discussed date and thus I needed to buy me a tfl monthly travel card. After a short time of having commuter club I have realized I didn't actually need such ticket and so after 5days of use I have asked for cancelation and refund. I called the customer service, they told me to send the ticket over and so I did. While I was waiting for a refund (which took more than a month) the company took me one more payment of £200 (as they stated on their websites that this can happen). However, I have received the refund without this last payment and thus I called the service again. Today, 26/02/2019 I still have not got my money back. I was calling commuter club couple of times, they always say that their operation team is looking at the case. IT IS ALMOST HALF A YEAR NOW waiting for them to give my money back! I have never felt so ripped off, I have never been this angry with any company and I have never felt hopeless like this. I feel like having no rights and commuter club is doing what they want. Please, if you read this review, do not do the same mistake as me. I do wish commuter club to get better, I hoped for a decent company, I am very very disappointed.

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